Heritage Christian Academy-Home of the Eagles!
Saturday, January 21, 2017
a Fully State Accredited-College Preparatory Christian School


  • College preparatory education
  • Integrate Biblical world view
  • High moral standards and expectations
  • Individualized attention
  • Small class sizes                                   
  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Service opportunities
  • Emotionally and physically safe and secure environment
Grading Philosophy
Grades are a way of quantifying student achievement. The use of a well defined meaningful grading scale helps teachers communicate with students, parents, and other educational professionals the level of a student’s achievement for a given section of curriculum.   Curriculum, in the context of grades, is the age appropriate level of subject content that a student should master before proceeding to the next level. Student effort is a factor to be considered in grading, but should not be mistaken for actual mastery of subject material or a justification for a significantly higher mastery grade.
                         A     90-100
                         B     80-89
                         C     75-79
                         D     70-74
                         F     69 and below
Grade Reporting
All grades will be reported on Headmaster Online.
We believe homework is a necessary part of an excellent academic program.  Parents and students should not view routine homework assignments as unreasonable or punitive. On average a student can anticipate having the following amount of homework per night.
                  Kindergarten                                                     15 min.
                  First and Second Grades                                    30 min.
                  Third - Fifth Grades                                           45 mins - 1 hour
                  Middle School and High school                            1 to 2 hours
Students who neglect to complete and turn in their homework in a timely manner can expect their grades to be adversely affected which may result in failure of the class. Parents should check with their child nightly regarding their homework and communicate any questions to the teacher. 
High School Graduation Requirements
23 credits are required for graduation with a college-prep diploma with distinction.
4 credits of English/Language Arts
4 credits Math
4 credits Science
3 credits Social Studies
½ credit Health/safety
½ credit Physical Education
2 credits Foreign Language
1 credit Computer Tech/Fine Arts
2 credits Bible
2 credits other Electives
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