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Saturday, January 21, 2017
a Fully State Accredited-College Preparatory Christian School


"Gratitude from...my heart comes pouring out to say thank you! It is so important that our son has been given the opportunity to attend Heritage once again. One of the stable parts of his life is Heritage Christian Academy. The re-enforcement of our God during school is a key factor for him. He has made a major turn around since attending HCA in 2014. He loves the Lord and he is thankful he goes to a school that freely prays and talks about our amazing Creator. Our son has matured since attending HCA. The awards he received at the end of the year just proved again he was in the right place. His self esteem has come up and it will keep improving. Already, we are off to a great start. So I say "thank you God for HCA and the love and care these teachers and staff have for not only my child but all the other kids." May they all go out being part of the great commission. Be blessed as I have been and continue to be! To see, hear, and know all that is going on in this world, I love knowing my child can be given a Christian education and not a worldly education, that he can learn the Truth!" - Middle School Parent
“(We) want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving our son the opportunity to attend HCA. HCA has changed our lives! We have not seen our child this happy for several years! His self esteem is growing; and we attribute that to all of his teachers. Our son says he likes school; and it has been awhile since we have heard that! He is thriving! Thank you for pouring into these kids!!’ - Middle School Parent

“You have an exceptional group of students.” - Substitute Teacher

“Our children are having a wonderful time at HCA and have adjusted very well making new friends and excelling academically. Today, my son sent me a text sharing what a wonderful experience he had in chapel. He has always had a warm and open heart to these types of experiences, but never have I seen him share the detail and joy as he did today. I hope you find this as an encouragement to continue moving in the direction you are as a school. AS parents, specifically as the father of a young man, this environment is greatly appreciated." - High School Parent

I was waiting in the carpool line to exit this morning. I couldn’t help but think about HCA, the education, the training, the spiritual values on display, the staff, the administration, etc. Just want you all to know that I appreciate you and your hard work. I’m sure that it often goes unnoticed and unrecognized. I’m sure that the days seem endless at times with you leaving at the end of the day asking yourself, “am I making a difference?” Yes, you make a difference and you are impacting the lives of children and parents. Thank you for the tireless hours that you give to provide our children a great education and safe place to learn. It can’t be easy but stay the course. “Do not grow weary in doing well…” - Elementary Parent


"We are blessed to have Heritage Christian Academy as our school because our children can talk freely about Jesus without ridicule.  We have Christian teachers and staff that our children can pray with during "valley" times and celebrate with during "mountaintop" times.  As parents, we feel that we are giving our children the best education possible, with attention to details that can only be provided through unmatchable teacher to student ratios.  As students, our children are surrounded by friends that feel more like family, and with teachers that provide just the right balance of discipline and fun!"  - Elementary Parent
God has used HCA in our lives to help our son learn to communicate to other children. This may not seem like anything unusual to you, but when your child is told he will never be able to communicate properly or at his own level because of autistic issues it can be devastating. We did not believe that was the report of the Lord. God's report on our son was confirmed in our hearts again when just a few weeks ago our son's teacher came to us and commented, "your son is such a joy, he is an excellent communicator, the other children love to hear him read and tell stories. I sense a real call of God on his life." We praise God for the teachers here at HCA and the love and diligence they have poured into our children!  - Elementary Parent
My wife and I are grateful that a quality, Christian education has been provided through HCA to our two precious children.  While a financial challenge to us as parents of limited income, it has been worth the sacrifice knowing that caring, dedicated teachers not only are providing an accredited education, but one incorporating biblical based topics that the public school system would not allow.  - Parent of Middle & High School Student
What a wonderful blessing it is to have the opportunity to send our daughter to a school where our family’s biblical beliefs and convictions are supported and reinforced. Spiritual maturity can occur in the public school system, but is much more likely to occur in the environment of a school like Heritage Christian Academy. The quality of education, teachers, sports, etc. are added bonuses – blessings spilling over.  - High School Parent
The Academy has become a vital part of my children’s lives since they began in the Academy in kindergarten and now that they are in high school.  As a teacher, I value the high quality of the education they are receiving.  As a single parent, I appreciate the fact that I have a partner and covering for my children in the absence of another parent.  I am grateful that I am not alone in preparing my children to succeed in their lives as responsible, Christian adults. - High School Parent
We have been blessed by the Academy in that when our daughter first arrived she was not only academically lost but also spiritually.  She had attended a large public school where she was just a "number" on the verge of failing. Thanks to the structured and loving environment at HCA with individual attention, she has turned her grades around and is on her way to college.  Spiritually- I see her grow every day and while teenagers are always a challenge, I know she is grounded in the Word she is provided every day. God Bless the teachers and administrators at HCA for all they do for our children. -  High School Parent
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