Heritage Christian Academy-Home of the Eagles!
Thursday, October 30, 2014
a Fully State Accredited-College Preparatory Christian School


Academy students may participate in various forms of theatre including One-Act-Play and melodrama.  Heritage students may compete through the GISA on both the regional and state level in the following areas:  One-Act-Play, Humorous Oral Interpretation and Dramatic Oral Interpretation.
On October 29, the Upper School will participate in the GISA Region One-Act Competition. The short play will last approximately 45-60 minutes. 
"When acclaimed director Sir Randolph Van Hubris announces that he is holding auditions for Romeo and Juliet, the ladies of the
Rella family prepare for stardom. As Mrs. Rella teaches the art of flattery to her spoiled daughters, Sparkle and Sugar, stepdaughter Cindy must overcome her self-doubt if she's going to earn the role of her dreams. She'll get some help from her Fairy Godmother - a balding construction worker on probation - in this hilarious
tale about Shakespeare, candy addition, and the art of acting.
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